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TEETEE & ME (Going to TeeTee's House), is the first book in the series of books from TeeTee & Me.  In the book TeeTee & Me (Going to TeeTee's House) Author Josilyn Drake allows us to share in the fun and love that is experienced in the special relationship between Aunts and Nieces.   The first book of the series introduces us to the 5 amazing nieces, June, Josie, Eboni, Kacy, and Rose.  TeeTee & Me books are inspired by Josilyn's relationship between her 5 amazing nieces. It is our hope that the characters touch your heart and bring a smile to your face, as you are reminded of the awesome aunts and nieces in your life. To all the Aunts we salute you! At TeeTee and Me, everyday is Aunt's Day!


SIZE: 8.5 x 10


BOOK FORMATS:  Hardback, Paperback, and E-Book

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