All Things Etiquette (June 2020)

All Things Etiquette (June 2020)

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In light of technology and social media, everyone is looking at you whether colleges or potential employers.  In this course, students will learn all things etiquette including: social, dining, cyberspace, netiquette, school, public, and building their brand.  Prepare your child to be confident and keep a good image when relating to others and their world by understanding how to navigate different settings whether in person or online.

Grade Level:  4th - 12th Grade

Date:  June 15th - 26th, 2020

Duration:  Monday - Friday 

In-Class Lab 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Skillset: How to carry themselves in various settings

Benefit:  Students will recognize the importance of their brand and present themselves well in public, online, and other social settings.