The Untouchable Nation educates students K-12 in non-cognitive life skills through Life Skills Curricula and STEM in an effort to increase graduation rate and College and Career Readiness.  We also focus on helping students and families with College Prep to ensure students are prepared for the next phase of their lives.   

Life Skills increase a young persons understanding of the world around them and equip them with the tools that are necessary to live a more productive and fulfilling life.  The Life Skills Curricula is taught in a number of ways including Robotics.  I programs have flexible formats and can be taught as an after-school program, summer camp, semester, and club format.

Our History

The Untouchable Nation was established in 2006 with 25 students from Ramsay High School. The pilot program continued until 2008.  All the students in the program completed college and are now productive citizens in our society. 

In early 2018 the Untouchable Nation Youth Organization was re-established and began to implement its Life Skills Curricula and STEM Program as a pilot after school program at Jones Valley Middle School.  In 2019, the UN began its Girls With Pearls Sorority and Boys of Standard Fraternity Club Program.    

The Untouchable Nation Youth Organization believes that every child with the right knowledge has the opportunity to become successful and productive citizens in our society.  We understand that without certain skill sets children will not reach their full potential. With that in mind, The UN Youth Organization is driven and motivated to ensure that these skills are taught to as many children as possible. 

The UN is excited to be the bridge that helps a young person reach their full potential.  We believe that there is greatness in everyone.  It is having the platforms and resources to draw out the greatness that makes the difference.  We look forward to brining the Untouchable Nation Youth Organization to a city near you.